Guiding Principles

  • We use our limited resources to push boundaries in innovation and creativity.
  • We work with actors to improve their acting craft.
  • We work with writers to elaborate interesting and passionate stories.
  • We produce short and feature films with many actors from our training program and with writers submitting dramatic stories.
  • We believe in profit-sharing as a model for all stakeholders in a movie production.

Our sole focus it to create a complete film studio where actor training, script development, production, and post-production activities are all in- house. The proof of concept was first explored in three highly effective micro budget feature projects. By approaching these films with talented actors trained at the studio, we were able to link with partners that saw the opportunity to explore new model of film-making. The first project connected us to two Emmy Award winning and one Academy Award winning talents on the post-production side. The model, passion and outcome has now built essential bridges to all facets of production to ensure low dollar spend and high quality outcome.

This is short video tribute to the two full-length features, with over 60 cast members, that we shot in a total of 8 days. It was a tireless effort by everyone during the shoot, and a tremendous amount of time and energy in post-production. But it shows the power of passion and the will of the dedicated.

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