Film Trailers

Have a look at the trailers of movies that have been produced at Paul Kampf Studios. The full-length movies will soon be available for rent/purchase at our Vimeo Store.

Peacocked (short, 2014) A quirky and uncomfortable comedy that finds hope in one man’s strange darkness.


Brad’s Untitled Restaurant Project (2014) A dark, tasty comedy.


Amnesia: Who Are You? (2013) won Best Dramatic Film and Best Lead Actress – Victoria Smurfit at the 19th Annual IFS (Independent Filmmakers Showcase) film festival in 2014 in Los Angeles, CA.

This film introduces David Kerry, a man who lost his memory after a beating, to the people and life he had prior to his amnesia. However, along the way he learns that the life he had might have been best kept hidden. The audience is pulled into his story and left wondering what would happen if shadows of their life were put on camera for all the world to see. This is a ‘faux’ documentary that follows a graduate student filmmaker as his thesis project proves to be far more than he ever imagined. He becomes a part of David’s complicated world and pays the price for his ambition.


For What Is… (short, 2012) A short film that examines the cost of war on a couple just starting out their lives together.


Life Support (short, 2011)  Life Support centers around the question of how to move on when the love of your life is slowly dying? In this unique answer to that question, a husband makes it his goal to help his young wife find a physical connection with another man before he passes away. He needs her to know she can and should move on. In the process of Craigslist ads and personal interviews, she finds a man who also understands loss. Through a visually beautiful and painful night together in a motel room, each finds solace and hope in the other.


From Grace (2009) won Best Actress – Suzie Kane at the 2009 Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, CO.

Three couples take a weekend at a bed and breakfast to get away from their lives, only to find that their lives were closer than they every imagined.


Brothers Three: An American Gothic (2007) won Best Feature Film at the 2007 BIFF (Beloit International Film Festival) in Beloit, WI.

Three brothers reunite at a remote cabin in the woods, when beckoned by their father. The brothers are left to deal with the dark secrets and demons that have haunted them their whole lives. The resulting truths they must face, end in an explosive tragedy.

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