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Paul Kampf discusses the making of these films by combining professional actor training and award-winning film production. He’s also introduces the Studios’ distribution platform.


Best Fake Friends is a drama/comedy about Joy Dillon, who is new to a neighborhood overflowing with wealthy suburban alpha-moms. She’s a lonely and naive housewife who tumbles into their world of boobs and Botox, seducing her to sacrifice her family for popularity in a desperate attempt to fit in.


Amnesia Wo Are You movie poster paul kampf studios film

Amnesia  (Who Are You?) is a faux documentary from the perspective of a graduate filmmaker who stumbles onto an amazing subject for his thesis.  But, as the story unfolds, it grows larger than his expectation and he’s pulled into the center of his own film.

Brad's poster 12-20 website for Christian

Brad’s Untitled Restaurant Project is a wild comedy that takes place in real time.  Eight different couples alternate between being the lead at one point in the film and serving as the background at other times.  

From Grace Paul Kampf Studios Film

From Grace is a moving drama that looks at three couples seeking a refuge from their lives at a weekend bed and breakfast.  Yet, every problem each couple is trying to avoid comes to a head while entwined with strangers.