Multimedia Actor Training

PAI offers acting training through video tutorials using proprietary techniques developed by Paul Kampf from 20 years of acting, acting coaching, and directing.

It’s a series of instructional videos with exercises, downloadable materials, along with live online video access to provide master acting training.  This unique method has been successfully applied by theater, film and television actors.

       Please watch the 4-minute video below to learn more.


Joanne MitchellJoanne Mitchell, well established British actress, took the Multimedia Actor Training program.

“With the tools that Paul Kampf guides you with in this inspired 4 week course there is no excuse for any actor to not flex his creative muscles ‘every’ day for the rest of his creative when that all important audition & job come along, you are mentally, physically & creatively prepared for the challenge. I recommend this course to any actor, at whatever stage in your career you are at..”

“with Paul’s attention to detail & caring approach for the individual you will tap in to your own creativity & talents which challenges the actor to go that extra step using himself as the all important instrument. “

How does it work?

There are four video modules that lead you through the methodology with tactile, real experiences. A study manual outlines the process and provides a trackable guide to your growth. We will email you the link to a temporarily accessible (as you progress to the next video) password-protected video, a copy of the study manual, and a PDF form for you to fill with your exercise results. Each week you will work one video and follow the exercises in the manual.

You will track your growth and experiences as you master the tools provided for that week. You will be required to shoot a video, with a simple camera or smartphone, of yourself going through selected exercises. You will then upload that video to you YouTube/Vimeo account, and email us the filled PDF form.

PAI will review your video and provide personalized email feedback within 48 hours along with the link to the next password–protected video module. You continue this process until you’ve completed the four video modules. The four video modules are: 1) The Base of Experience, 2) The Key Triggers, 3) Script Application, and 4) Audition and Performance Application.

Why use PAI’s methodology?

This methodology was developed specifically to build the necessary bridge between imagination and experience. Further, it helps each actor learn how to teach him or herself on a daily basis. The principles applied and executed in this system free the actor from intellectual approaches that fall short of organic experiences. Furthermore, it gives each actor a personal gauge of his or her human truth inside a scene and in life.

What will I get out of this?

An absolute understanding of your organic experience through visceral experiences and the impact on others around you. Additionally, you’ll be able to identify where you fall short of organic truth and you’ll be able to apply the tools you’ve gained to further tune your instrument.


Is this only for advanced actors?

Actors at all levels will benefit from this proprietary approach. Without a bridge between thought and feeling, the actor is limited to oral interpretation. No matter where you are in your craft, this unique system furthers your instrument as far as you desire. The richer your imagination, the deeper your experience within the this powerful process. This approach provides you the tools to enrich your imagination and connect it to real, physiological experience.

How long will it take?

Each video is approximately one hour of real-time work. However, you will have the balance of the entire week to master the exercises and apply them as required. We recommend that you set aside a minimum of one hour a day to complete the required tasks, including self-filming and personal documentation. The entire process will take 4 weeks to complete if done sequentially.

What happens after I complete the video training modules?

You’ll be equipped with unique, proven and powerful techniques that you’ll be able to apply to all of your acting work. You will see a DRASTIC difference in the impact you have on others, whether on stage, set or in the audition. Further, you’ll acquire the ability to consciously access real, human, visceral truth in all of your work.

These tools will transform your whole approach to the art of acting. It’s essential that you continue applying your craft in order to keep your skills in tune, similar to a musician, painter, and athlete. With these tools, you will now be able to enhance your craft on a daily basis. If you live in Los Angeles, you can contact us about the potential of joining one of the selected Master Classes at PAI.

If you live outside Los Angeles you will access to additional virtual training that covers auditioning, active script analysis, and the business of the business. Also, you’ll be notified about selected PAI workshops held in your area specifically for actors who’ve gone through the virtual training process.

What do I need?

Your need computer access to the Internet, ability to film yourself (smartphone, tablet, computer, video camera), a YouTube account (free) or Vimeo account, and approximately 7 hours per week for 4 weeks.

What if I have questions, or need help?

No problem, you can email us your question directly, or you can participate on our weekly video chat (Google chat) session to ask questions and share experiences.

How much does it cost?

There is a one-time upfront cost of $995 USD. Payment is made by credit/debit card when submitting the completed registration form. View the refund policy.

PAI offers a discounted rate of $695 USD/student for those interested in pairing up with a fellow actor.

We’ll process your registration and debit/credit card payment manually, therefore you can either call us with your information, or email us with your phone number and the best time to call you.

Please call us at (+1) 323-879-9283 during office hours (Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM Pacific Standard Time). If we’re unable to answer your call immediately, please leave a detailed message including the best time to reach you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How do I start?

Simply fill the registration form below and make your payment and we can get you started in 48 hours.

More questions?

Simply email us at with your questions and we’ll respond in less than 48 hours.


This is a two-step process: 1) Submit the filled registration form by filling the form and clicking the Submit the Registration Form button. You’ll receive a confirmation email of your registration a few minutes later. 2) Securely pay for the video training program with your credit or debit card by clicking the Purchase button. You’ll receive an email confirming payment for the video training program. This is your receipt.

Within 48 hours, you’ll receive an email from directing you to the first of four password-protected video tutorials, as well as a password-protected link to the manual.

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