Current and past students explain what they’ve learned and how they enjoy improving their craft with Paul’s unique acting coaching methodology. The following testimonials explain what you’ll get from taking PAI Training’s master acting classes, either in person in Los Angeles, or online with the Multimedia Acting Training Program.


“He approaches the actor holistically, his technique seems to be how the actor thinks, what he is feeling, sensitivity to his spirit, and LOVING. He is a brilliant actor himself. He has studied his craft with the best in our business. He always seems open to new ideas and he is a working professional, not just someone who sits back on his experiences telling others what to do.

He has amazing discernment, wisdom and vision for his students. As a film and theatre director, he has the earned authority to suggest the best ways to act for camera which helps GET the actor the job. His actors book the job. That speaks for itself.

He inspired me to go into an audition, as I had never experience in my 32 years of working. His ideas gave me that extra edge of confidence “in the room”. I felt secure in my choices. He helped to eradicate my doubts and insecurities about auditioning again in one session. He is a nurturer. He is generous beyond what I have experienced in other teachers. He truly loves his work.

As far as networking, word of mouth has been the way I have known. Actors come to me as well. Now it will be Paul to whom I refer them. They will profit nicely.”

“In this business, finding a way to keep yourself sharp and growing as an actor can be extremely tricky.  Time and money is never on your side.  Whether you enter the pursuit of becoming a working actor with a ton of training or hardly any, you’re still hit with being “green” to the auditioning process and being aware of yourself on camera.  I’m going to take that a step further and acknowledge that even if you have on-camera experience, how may people can say they have full control over how their body and mind carries emotion, translates to a viewer, and what it takes to live in that state?  That’s where Paul comes in.   Paul’s program is designed for us to discover how we operate as an individual, what our body goes through when we experience emotion, and most importantly how to bring it all together for a grounded, unpredictable, and powerful performance.  You’ll also be able to give completely different reads of the same scene/audition piece at the drop of a hat, and they’ll all be truthful and alive.  Everything is 100% on-camera, so there’s no hiding.  Whilst his technique is by far the best I’ve encountered, it’s Paul’s care and attentiveness to each of his students that makes my investment worth every penny.  I feel completely safe allowing Paul to guide me through my weaknesses (expect all comfort levels to be challenged) and make my strengths more absolute.  I’ve gone through my one-on-one sessions with Paul as well as a handful of classes, and already I’ve had a spike in bookings!  My auditions are stronger, my scene work more efficient, and I’m overall more confident in letting go and trusting in what I’m learning.
But wait, there’s more….
Paul also puts together movie projects…and guess who he makes sure the casting directors see?…HIS STUDENTS!  He not only equips you with the best acting tools, but he does his best to help you get a foot in the door.  He wants you to become a working actor, and he’ll do everything in his power to help you on your way to making a living doing what you love.”


“I have nothing but positive things to say about Paul and his methodology. After many years in various acting classes, I am so happy to work in a way that completely distills all of my previous, sometimes belabored, acting training down to the most powerful, effective route to honest, connected emotion. The worst thing you can do as an actor is give an untruthful, one-dimensional performance. Paul gives you the tools to get into the truth and specificity right away, so that it’s just about which way you choose to play it rather than obsessing over finding and maintaining this ephemeral sense of how the character or scene “should” be. I feel like I’m taking back my power as an actor.”


“I’ve started to take private lessons and group classes with Paul almost a year ago and I got so much more confidence since then, so I really believe  that my dream to be a successful professional actress is getting real. He has pushed me over my limits and challenged me and I am thankful for that a lot!”

“OMG! What a wonderful experience I am having studying with the incomparable PAUL KAMPF!  I have studied, over the years, with many top teachers, but I have never had the wonderful experiences I am having studying with Paul at PAI! He is a master at understanding his students needs, desires and talents.  He is the most kind, gentle, talented, intelligent, compassionate, knowledgeable, creative teacher and human being. I could go on and on, but all I can say is I feel genuinely honored to be studying with him. He is allowing me to work in a way I have never worked before and at my age I’m having the time of my life. Thank you PAUL, THANK YOU!!!!”


“Guys – I’VE TAKEN A LOT OF ACTING CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve spent SO MUCH MONEY!
Sometimes the teachers are not very good teachers. Sometimes they just like to hear themselves talk.

Well it took me three years…but I finally found my one and only acting coach in LA.
His name is Paul Kampf. A very good hearted man who is both a writer and director. He’s also done some acting too! So he KNOWS what he’s talking about. What else do I like about him? He insists on meeting you first and working with you one on one to learn your UNIQUE style of working and taking direction. Because of this, he learns the best way to re-direct you and individualizes his approach with your acting career.
WOW! And it works! I’ve seen countless actors come in to his classes and grow grow grow in their craft. Um..I know, because I have too!
Not ONLY that…but in 2012…we made two full length feature films together with his Production wing of the studio! Bonus: he uses all the students in his classes. Now THAT is getting your money’s worth!
OH- but have I mentioned that he’s completely affordable!? He doesn’t steal actors money or pontificate about how many roles his actors have booked after working with him.
He’s just a good ole boy with some CRAZY good talent for coaching actors to the height of their craft.
Go look him up!
And tell him I said “Hi!”

Text from Megan’s blog Bloggin’ It!: My Favorite Acting Coach in LOS ANGELES!, published on October 15, 2014.


“Working with Paul Kampf is to have a guardian of your fears and hopes in an industry built tothrive off both. Paul as a teacher sees you as a whole entity. He is so clear with his insight into your talent.

His unique ability is not just in seeing where you can improve, it is in his sleight of hand at filling those gaps we all have. Yet you do it. He allows YOU to find it. Thereby owning your improvement and talent. I use his techniques on a daily basis and he is my first port of call.

The difference in working with Paul is he is an actor, director, writer, producer and mentor. Yet his energy is for you. Paul is selfless with his time, judgment and knowledge. A rare find.”

“Paul Kampf is a selfless and exceptionally intuitive teacher… and that is an understatement. What I find most exciting about Paul’s approach is that he uses his keen powers of observation (that can seem like downright telepathy at times) to put the focus on the actor as a unique artist and on how to help her best utilize her instrument. In other words, the focus is not on exalting the method, but helping the individual utilize PAI techniques to hone their singular voice as a artist. The result is astonishingly present and truthful actors. Working with Paul has encouraged my growth in more than just the craft of acting. I have become a better writer, musician and all around creator because of PAI.”

“Paul Kampf is the teacher for the working man. He fosters the artistic spirit while balancing the practicalities of the profession and his ability to communicate both is unparalleled Paul’s classroom is equal parts playground, training lab and proving ground. After training with Paul Kampf, I have the necessary tools to handle myself on camera which gives me the comfort to be free and create.”

“I’ve been in Paul Kampf acting class for a year now with little to no acting experience. I come from mainly an Improv background. I was recommended to Paul from a close friend. I was told how amazing and engaging Paul is with his students and how he changed the way my friend saw the craft of acting. After a few classes I could see, feel and notice the difference in myself right away. Over a few months I have grown stronger and more confidence in my scene work and with other actors. His techniques are simple and effective. I use them not only for my acting but for my improv, auditioning and every day life situations. Paul challenges you in a way that not only pushes you but also shows you how great of an actor you are. His passion for his students and the arts show right through him in each class. No matter what your situation is, he will pick you up to get you far above where you ever thought was possible. If you are willing to work hard and do your home work every week you can surpass a level you never thought possible. Paul is seriously Hollywood’s best kept secret. Here are just a few words that sums up Paul’s Classes: Engaging, Powerful, Encouraging, Moving, Growth, Rewarding, Supportive, Passionate, Informative, Eye Opening, Challenging, and Committed.”


Paul teaches a truly profound technique that has enhanced my talent and allows me to access it in a more visceral and immediate way. He has an incredible intuition and ability to read people. This allows him to focus on the development of each actor’s craft in precise and effective manner. He empowers us to take control of our careers and work in this business. What I respect most about Paul is he practices what he teaches. He is an amazing Teacher Collaborator and mentor.”

“I’ve studied with Paul for over two years now and I have grown immensely as an actor. Paul teaches his students to experience and live their truth in every scene. During my time at the studio I’ve seen him turn many good actors into great ones.”

“Acting coaches all say that ‘your body is an instrument.’ Paul, however, is the ONLY coach who shows you how to USE that instrument. That is to say, that with his techniques and teachings, I’ve never been more confident to live in the moment of the script despite whatever else is going on around me. I can be stuck in traffic for 2 hours, have problems in my life, and when I get on set, all it takes is a glance at my notes and a single breath, and I’m 1000% in the moment of the scene as my character. And all of this is practical and simple. If you want a coach who will facilitate you in being your best, Paul is THE man.”

Watch Mikey’s video read from one of PAI Training’s class on September 2, 2014.


Chris Silzer Paul Kampf Studios PAI Training

Chris Silzer

“I am so grateful to have met and even more honored to be able to work with someone who lives the craft of acting like Paul does. Because Paul practices what he preaches I can’t imagine anyone motivating his students more. In his approach he pulls out every actors strengths and challenges every student not only to be a better actor but also a better human being.”


“Paul’s class combines the best of honed technique and spontaneous discovery. His approach pairs instinct in the moment with specific tools for connecting the mind with the body and emotion with action.

A PAI class emphasizes real world application; Paul keeps his students sharp in scene study, monologue, and on-camera audition technique simultaneously. It’s a very focused, yet very positive and supportive environment. It’s also a realistic class schedule that is suited for working actors.

Studying with Paul is the best decision I’ve made to grow my art and my confidence level in years.”


“Paul was highly recommended by a friend… I flew from Atlanta to meet with him and was invited to sit it on one of his classes. I was so impressed by his knowledge and coaching style. I knew I had to train with him. I anxiously make a weekly journey to get such invaluable coaching and training. He has truly made a difference in my career. I cannot say enough about how great an experience it is to train with Paul.”

“I have worked with Paul both in class and individually. It is evident almost immediately that he cares about actors, and after a very short time, he understood my talent. From there, he has helped me to trust what is already there and has challenged me to work on what I need to develop. I’ve seen him do the same thing with everyone in class. Because of his unique insight and lack of ego, it becomes about the actor and the work that he or she is doing. And his techniques enable me to apply what I’ve learned on set or on stage, not just in class. I would encourage any actors who are passionate about their craft to seek Paul out and see if he’s right for you.”


“Boy o’ boy! where do i start. i feel the ability to ‘teach’ is a word people mis-use. Paul knows how to “teach,” how to impart knowledge, show complete objectivity, challenge his students and i have learned so much! I have studied with Paul year and a half and in that period of time he has challenged me to do roles i would never have seen myself doing! Paul looks at the world a little bit differently and I love what he sees!!”

“I have worked with Paul both in class and in Private sessions for auditions, Paul’s ability to really understand the material he’s working with is very special and he is able to translate these insights to his students. He is a remarkable coach and also a wonderful person who cares for his students, Personally I’m thrilled to have Paul as my coach I found his approach to be extremely powerful and it has transformed my understanding of the art of acting and is helping me become much more of an effective actor. And most importantly I’ve booked work! :)”

“I have studied with Paul for about a year and he is a brilliant acting teacher. His approach to acting is very unique and really enables actors to develop a technique that works for them. Everyone is different. Paul is also a great writer and director. Those attributes really add something special to his class. It’s rare to find an amazing acting teacher who really cares for his students. I would definitely recommend Paul.”

“Paul has an incredible knack for helping actors take the existing talent, skill and energy they bring to the first class and channel that unique ability into something even more effective and consistent. Paul truly “sees” you in your work, and for me that has meant a challenge not to hide behind old tricks or bad habits reinforced over the years. I trust Paul implicitly to tell me the truth, and to demand the truth of me in my work. Above all that (and a rare find in L.A.) he is one of the most supportive people I know, and you can tell that he truly cares for his students. I couldn’t ask for more in a teacher or a coach.”

“I’ve studied with Paul both privately and in class and I can’t recommend him enough. I have to point out his tremendous insight and ability see the strengths (and struggles) that each of his students have. He has given me so many tools as an actor and I feel incredibly lucky to have found him. He offers free workshops from time to time – if you’re looking for a private teacher or a class to join I highly recommend coming to one and seeing if it’s the right fit for you.”

“From the very first day that I studied with Paul, I knew he was a special teacher & my growth with him would be monumental. I’ve always been very specific, as to who I sought out to study with, based on their reputation & how I thought it would help me grow as an actress. Having already finished a conservatory program & had the good fortune to study with many renowned coaches, I feel I know when a teacher is truly special, so my bar was high.

Paul is unequivocally, one of the best teachers I’ve studied with. He is incredibly passionate about acting & his love for the craft is infectious. Whether it’s his background as an actor & director, or simply a gift for teaching, he has a brilliant & intuitive understanding of human behavior, character, story telling & truth.

Whether working in class, privately, doing classical scene work, film work, or exercises, he instinctively knows how to guide you toward your personal best, helping you find your strengths as an actor & building up any areas of weakness. Paul has helped me transform as an actress & thus I feel also as a person. Our work has given me so much confidence in my talent. Not only in myself, but I have watched how he brings out the best in his students.

He is not only an amazingly talented teacher, but also one of the most sincere, kind hearted people I’ve met. If you’re serious about acting you should do yourself a favor and seek out Paul.”

“Paul is not only a wonderful teacher, he is also a truly kind human being with a true passion for acting that translates into every minute of his class. I have studied with Paul for a few months now, and am already feeling the difference in auditions and on set. Paul focuses on using your emotional life to get you to complete truth. He has an impressive array of exercises that allow you to find out how your particular instrument works, and how to “fine tune” it so that you can prep a scene in as little as five minutes if you have to. His process is all about connecting with the other actor (or reader in an audition), and “changing” them by establishing a connection and creating an energy in the room that is palpable, just by being fully present.

I have found myself to be able to access my emotions almost instantaneously, just by applying his techniques. Most of the class is on camera, and you can download the clips on your own computer, which I have found to be tremendously helpful. I have one clip up on my website, because I believe that casting directors can often recognize real talent better if it’s just a raw clip, as opposed to a professional reel where you have one line on a show.

If you’re serious about perfecting your craft and growing as an actor, I highly recommend you audit Paul’s class.”

“Paul’s approach will help you break through any blocks you feel are in your way as an artist. I have studied in a conservatory for 4 years. I feel as if I truly understand what it takes to be a strong actor after studying with Paul for only a few months. His class will introduce you to bringing truth to every character no matter how much experience you have as an actor. The atmosphere in his class is always supporting and encouraging. This environment Paul creates allows the actor to get out of his or her head and into the moment of the scene.”

“I have studied sketch and improv comedy as well as with various traditional acting teachers and schools, but none of them were able to reach the depth and intellegence that Paul is able to grasp. He has the gift to articulate exactaly what each person individually needs to hear in order to push their craft to the next level. You will rarely hear the stock verbiage you hear from other schools and teachers. He will work with you as a fellow creative artist and will find what works best with your instrument.

He also laughs at my jokes, and that’s real nice.”

“Paul has completely changed by outlook and approach to my craft, to auditions and to the industry as a whole. He is totally focused on and generous to each individual actor he works with, and meets them where they are in their journey. Paul has entirely changed the way I look at my acting career and life in general. He has given me new hope when I was burned out and has changed my trajectory! Since working with Paul, I have more confidence when walking into an audition, and a renewed joy in my acting.”

“Paul is an absolutely amazing teacher! I have studied with him in class and privately for over 2 years. His approach gets you out of your head and into the truth of your body. I have learned from him that when you are coming from the characters truth, you can be alive and free in each moment. Acting is so much more fun for me now!

I HIGHLY recommend Paul as a teacher. He has a breadth of knowledge and he’s a remarkably caring person who really looks out for each of his students.”

“Paul creates an environment that encourages actors to take chances/risks. Because of this, I have gotten the chance to leave my comfort zone, explore my abilities, and grow as an actor. The exercises Paul has taught in class have allowed me to find deeper truth in my acting and have helped greatly in my audition preparation.”

Watch Jeff’s video read from one of PAI Training’s class on July 28, 2014.


“Paul is a unique guide in a maze of a town that can potentially disarm our instincts and, ultimately, an actor’s love and will to act! He instills the individual with some very effective tools that can help an actor feel and simply be present in the moment, a conceit that can lose its meaning with too many cerebral associations and misguidance. Paul does this regardless of an actor’s training background or level of experience. His approach and tools are simply effective and straightforward.

Most of all, for me, Paul serves as a great reminder as to why I’ve always aspired to be a storyteller in this medium. He helps to highlight the strengths of “my instrument” (as he often refers to an actor’s vehicle/person) and challenges my self doubts. To boot, Paul is a genuinely caring individual who wants to assist actors in whatever stage their career may be and to help guide each individual towards their fulfilling potential. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with Paul Kampf at this point of my life and career.”

“I some how lost the best part of me during my childhood years – the part that was free to express and the part to just BE. Paul, somehow reconnected me to those parts that were laying dormant for so long. Paul, has a way of working through the Actors physiological mind to bring the actor back to the core truth of who they always were, building on a foundation that is totally you as an individual.

The one on one intensive was a great experience and it was well needed for me. It focused on my specific needs and obstacles that kept me from releasing and identifying those energies. The atmosphere was both comfortable and conducive for change. A breeding ground I like to say, for a miracle.

Paul is unlike any other acting coach I have experienced. One I believe who is gifted in many ways but especially with a special gift from God to SEE the individual’s (The Actor) strengths and weakness to bridge the gap between the two.

It has been a month since my last session with Paul, and I’m still in awe of how it’s changing and breaking down the walls in my life. The best part about it is that my family notices and sees these changes in my life.”

“I have finally found a mentor and teacher that speaks my language, of emotion, of truth and of life. His exercises have been invaluable for getting truly in-tuned with my instrument and being able to trigger real emotions from within. So my body and the language of sensations and emotions are taking me on the ride, not my head or my thoughts. It has changed EVERYTHING. Not only in the truth of my ‘acting,’ but in the way I perceive and experience the craft, which I have now fallen in love with all over again. Paul is not only a teacher, he is a life mentor. Thank you Paul, you are the most inspiring and supportive coach I have yet to come across.”

“Words cannot sufficiently articulate the admiration that I have for Paul Kampf. In my opinion, Paul is what every actor/actress should strive to be – passionate, dedicated and loves what they’re doing.

He is the ideal acting coach because he is honest and upfront with his students while being encouraging and supportive at the same time.

He has taught me so many invaluable things about acting and life! He has the ability to see each person’s uniqueness and help them bring that quality into their art.

In his classes you are taken out of your comfort zone in a supportive environment in which you can really see your skills develop. I honestly cannot imagine any other acting classes providing this kind of first class training, each class is an inspiration!”


“I have been studying with Paul for over a year now. From day one I began to learn more about myself as an artist than ever before. He teaches you the power of imagination and the techniques to use it in order to create truth in every script/scene I work on. He is intuitive with what every individual actor needs and guides his students swiftly to another level of their talent. I have confidence in my craft that I have never had because of his teaching ability. Every actor should at least audit. I grow every time I step in to class.”


“I have been studying with Paul for almost 2 years. I will simply say that I have found truth in my acting with his unique method. The process has been incredible. As a professional actress, I also enjoy the wonderful opportunity to keep exploring my acting craft and keep searching for further development and growth. Paul is simply the best acting coach and teacher you can find in Los Angeles, and I am saying this without any reservation.”


“There are plenty of good actors and teachers in L.A. Why be good when you can be great? Why be great when you can be stunning? That’s what Paul and he teaching is. That’s what he helps you realize in yourself. He’s gets you out of your head and gets you to feel. His classes are filled with some of the most creative talent I’ve seen in L.A. Changed my life.”


“Simply put: he’s the best. He has the ability to bring out the natural gifts in any actor – working differently with each person. He can even bring out gifts that no one would have expected you even had. He is a true Teacher (with a capital T) – a mentor, a guide. He takes pride in his students and really nourishes their growth. He is wonderful helping to cultivate theater acting (his background) – but also film/tv. Also – he is the best audition coach around. Part of me wishes he could just stay my secret – but anyone who works with him is lucky!”


“Paul has an uncanny ability to sort through all the actor mumbo jumbo and hone your talent. This makes him a phenomenal coach. He is both encouraging and enlightening. I have grown leaps and bounds while working with him for a short time. AND his classes are reasonably priced! Which I can’t say for a lot of other classes in this industry.”

“Meeting and studying with Paul has changed my life. His technique and the person he is has helped to build my confidence and talent in immeasurable ways. Through the material that he has given me I have been able to reach places in my work that I didn’t know were possible. He is always there to push you to be the best actor you can be. And his specific technique and style of teaching helps the actor to ground the material and give a believable and inspiring performance. He is also a unwavering support system that is so vital in this crazy business. I feel constantly grateful that I have Paul as a teacher, mentor and friend. .”

“I have been studying with Paul (in either a weekly class or privates sessions) for almost two years now. Finding him was one of the best things to happen to my professional life. I’ve taken classes with about nine other teachers in Los Angeles and all of them had some good things to offer. However, I just felt that Paul spoke my language. After years of being muddled down by script analysis, physical choices, character background, etc., his approach to acting, auditioning, and truth simplified everything for me. It actually reconnected me to what I love about acting so much.

In addition, his specific training for on camera and auditioning has proven to be invaluable. He is extremely intuitive and puts a spotlight on your strengths and challenges you in areas you might not feel that confident in.
He is a great teacher and mentor and someone you definitely want on your side in this town. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Watch Layla’s video read from one of PAI Training’s class on April 7, 2014.

“It’s hard for me to express in words what Paul’s approach has allowed me to do. I am able to access parts of me that I didn’t even know were there, the emotion needed in any given moment isn’t manufactured, it’s present. I attribute this to the fact that Paul approached me as the individual, not “an actor in the class”. There is no cookie cutter approach.”

Paul looks at the individual and builds a mold around them. I’ve never had this amount of confidence in myself and my ability to go into a room with anyone from top to bottom and hold my own. The proof is not only in what I’ve been able to do, but the quality of work that is apparent in his other students. I truly believe that there is no one better if you are looking for a successful approach to maximize your craft and talent.”


“I’ve been training to be an actor for like a decade now!!! I had been doing everything else than developing my talent as an actor. It’s a fact! You know why? In my experience it was made to be so complex and confusing that I preferred to fight in a boxing ring than act. Anyways I was fortunate to meet Paul Kampf, my acting coach. Now in a very short span of time, I have the confidence in my talent as an actor which I believe I was lacking all this time.”

“I’ve been doing private coaching with Paul for about a year and I was directed by him in a film recently. He’s very intuitive and helps each actor to hone their ability and utilize their instrument and potential to the fullest. There is nothing cookie cutter about his approach. Paul is a multi hyphenate teacher-actor-writer-director and a true artist in every sense of the word. His knowledge of theatre is unparalleled. He truly loves actors and he wants them to excel and work. After being in Paul’s presence I feel better and happier and excited to keep moving forward!”

“Like a zen master, he takes you from nothing to everything and then back to nothing. Amazing methods and techniques… He deals with the whole person. You have to experience him to know. If you are interested in going for the BEST, you must meet him.”

“After just two weeks of working with Paul in private coaching sessions. I can already feel my work and technique transforming. Paul has a great way of meeting you were you are at and honing in on finding how his approach can work for you. He has a kind and gentle spirit and creates a safe and supportive environment for you to work in. Working with him has been an amazing experience and I highly recommend him.”

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