Script Evaluation

Paul Kampf Studios believes in providing a wide opportunity for writers to get projects into production. Whether it is a short film, or feature, we offer two unique opportunities. First, Paul Kampf Studios is constantly looking for unique, minimal location, character driven stories to put in production. Secondly, our Studio seeks to meet talented writers for future script development. To encourage this talent, we have an open submission policy.

The process to submit a script is as follows:

  • Register your script with the Writer’s Guild of America
  • Send a signed copy of our release form (see below)
  • Receive an email from us for the link to make the credit card payment
  • Receive a payment confirmation email from us with the coordinates to send us your script
  • Send us your script
  • Receive our detailed review of the script within a week of submission.

We want your work to be fully protected before you send it to us (or anyone for that matter). Therefore, we require your script to be registered with the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA). You will need to include your WGA registration number in our release form.

Please download the Paul Kampf Studios Script Release Form and send a signed and dated copy to or at:

7361 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90046-7526
United States

After we receive the completed form, we will email a link for a credit card payment of the submission fee: $25 USD for a script of less than 15 pages, or $125 USD for a script of more than 15 pages. We charge a fee because the open submission policy requires that we dedicate production staff to read the material in full, and pass intriguing projects to second and third readers.

The submission fee covers minor staff expenses, however, the balance of the fee goes into actually producing work. With every submission, the writer(s) will get a detailed review of the script from our professional staff. At times we might make suggestions for a rewrite. If this is the case, then there is no charge for re-submission. We’re a production company that constantly challenges the model of traditional production. Our history and approach dictates what we say we do. We want to find new writers and great stories. Period.

If your script is represented by an industry-recognized agent or manager, we’ll consider reviewing it at no cost.

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