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October 31, 2014: publishes Paul’s article Backstory: Start Finding Playable Choices. It’s about how  actors can bring a character to life by improvising playable choices and choosing the oone that is the most truthful for an unforgettable performance..

October 9, 2016: publishes Paul’s article Your Fork in the Road: What Path Are You Going to Take? It suggests full immersion in all your acting opportunities to validate your choice of an acting career.

September 26, 2014: publishes Paul’s article How to Forge Your Own Creative Path. It suggests getting involved in projects that correspond with your passion. You’ll find renewed commitment to your craft and become a better actor.

September 13, 2014: publishes Paul’s article The Key to an Actor’s Success? FailureIt describes how failure is integral to improving your craft, which is necessary to attain success.

August 21, 2014: publishes Paul’s article The Value of Sacrifice and the Best Way to Refocus Your Goals. It asks the questions: what are you willing to pay for your career?

August 13, 2014: publishes an interview with Paul Kampf: Interview: Acting Coach Paul Kampf on Knowing Yourself, Audition Preparation and Finding the Right Teacher. It also highlights how his approach is unique and provides them with on-set opportunities.

July 30, 2014: publishes Paul’s article Empowering the Actor on the importance of actors in the business of entertainment. The article is also available in Our Blog.

May 2014: PAI Training Launches Its Multimedia Training Program

This intensive 4-week long interactive online actor training course provides master actor training to anyone with Internet access. The program contains password-protected video tutorials, weekly workbooks, and personalized feedback on submitted videos.

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