Producing is the least definable position in all of the film industry. I’ve worked with Producers who’ve had their name on a dozen big movies, but really knew very little about the production process. Conversely, I’ve seen producers who can do every job in the making of the film, but couldn’t raise the money, nor attach the talent, nor find a buyer for the project.

To me producing is gaining an ongoing education on every aspect of the above, while finding people who specialize in the key areas from script to sale. My strength and passion lies in helping a project move from idea through physical production. This is the phase where it is vital to hire the right team and while overseeing all the details that lead to a great project delivered on time and on budget. Because I’ve worked as an actor, a writer and a director, I know many of the pitfalls and challenges on the written page.

Sometimes they are choices in a script, if altered slightly, keep the vision of the writer intact, but would save the production a significant amount of money. That requires the experience and understanding of how to help shape a character to give an actor a compelling reason to want to take on the role. Further, it means understanding that certain scenes play well on the page, but will never translate to the final cut of the film, thus saving time, money and emotion up front. This kind of breakdown in script goes on and on until all elements are examined and the final shooting script is ready for the entire team to come on board for physical production.

This is where producing turns into problem solving on the fly every single day. There are always unforeseen issues that come up, ranging from locations, to weather, to actor issues, to equipment failures, etc. But knowing what is absolutely necessary to shoot, what can be moved, rescheduled or worked around, makes for an exhilarating and adrenaline filled producer’s day, yet allows the director and crew to remain calm, focused and attentive to the tasks at hand.

By having a deep understanding of all the elements that support the film’s creation, a cohesive vision can be maintained so that all the elements collected during the shoot are available in the crucial the post-production process.

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