My background and training comes from a life in the theater as an actor, then playwright then director. Therefore, the basis of my work as a writer comes from an attraction to the complexity of character and what compels someone to want to play a specific role that I’ve written.

My first feature film was a film adaptation of a play of mine after it had a strong run on the stage. However, the dynamic between characters was originally structured in a medium driven by the written word. When I faced the challenge of adapting it to the screen, I found out how hard it was to rely solely on the words a character speaks to move the action. In this education, I came to understand how important it was to find the balance between the words, actions and visual momentum that makes storytelling in front of a camera different than in front of a live audience. By understanding the kind of story that I am creating for I have been able to bring essential dialogue to silence and find the silence in dialogue.

Further, working in the theater for so many years taught me a discipline that lead to a rich output of material. I have been able to see a half dozen of my feature screenplays and a dozen short films make it into production. I am consistently hired to rework an existing script or hired to take an idea from source material to a final screenplay. Recently I’ve started writing original material for television and I find that this brings together the best of my craft from the theater and my years as as a screenwriter.

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